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Smartcast RF35 has been DISCONTINUED










Humminbird smartcast rf30 wireless fish finder

that lets you find fish from
the bank, dock, boat,

• Impressive 75 ft. radius remote operating range
• 100 ft. depth capability with ultra-wide 90 degree sonar beam
• Easy-to-see wristmount display
• One-touch menu navigation easily controls FishID, depth range, fish alarm, and sensitivity
• Lightweight, compact, and totally waterproof display
• Display uses a 2450CR replaceable battery
• Fully waterproof Remote Sonar Sensor typically lasts for 400 hours of in-the-water usage.

RF35 Wrist Mount fish finder is highly detailed and is as easy to see as a wristwatch . Sonar transmits data right to the display on your wrist. The data is always easy to view because the picture is as close as the rod and reel in your hand

Humminbird smartcast rf30
Smartcast rf30 smartcast

Just attach the Remote Sonar Sensor™ to your line and cast for instant, accurate views of what's below. Real-time views of fish , bottom, and structure - all the benefits of a traditional fish finder in a small, lightweight, battery-powered unit.

Perfect for fishing, or scouting an area before you fish . SMARTCAST is as portable and easy to use as a cell phone, and it gives you just as much freedom.

So go ahead and dial up the big one! Your minutes are unlimited and roaming is strongly encouraged.

Humminbrid Smartcast Specifications

48V x 32H pixels
Display Type
STN wide temp.
Depth Capability

100 ft.
Sonar Coverage
90 degrees
Operating Frequency
115 kHz

Remote Sonar Sensor
Meet the brains of the operation. The Remote Sonar Sensor uses an internal sonar transducer to collect the data that's wirelessly transferred to the display in real time.


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